an unique view on health

Stop Eating Start Nourishing

Dear Woman,

The time has come for you to regain your power and fully trust your body’s innate knowledge of what she needs to be radiant and joyful. Your body holds infinite wisdom that we all have the power to tap into. Chances are, you have forgotten what this wisdom is and how to access it.

My mission is to create a paradigm where women make choices for their life and health based on this power. A paradigm where they effortlessly access their wisdom. Vitality and radiance are gifts we all can experience, no matter how many years we have been on Earth or the relationship we have had with our body up until now.

I do not believe in an ideal weight, ideal diet, or ideal workout that will suit all women on Earth. I do, however, believe there is a perfect way for YOU to feel at your best. My method, Stop Eating Start Nourishing, is based on these fundamental beliefs.

Stop Eating

‘Stop eating’ and ‘stop consuming’ can be brought together here. However, I want to focus on eating as what and how we eat is fundamental to our well-being. Most of the meals we consume are eaten in complete unconsciousness. We are often distracted by our phones, entertained by the TV, or having a quick dinner with the family before heading to the next appointment.

That simply keeps your body alive. And quite frankly, that does not feel like a thriving and fulfilling life.

Everything we eat is the fuel our body uses to function. Women have 28 trillion cells, and all these cells are fed by our nutrition. At some point, eating food that is not aligned with your body’s needs will create challenges in some of these cells and eventually lead to more serious problems. Of course, we all know and understand that sugar and highly processed foods are damaging to our vitality, our skin, and even our moods. Furthermore, eating an apple every day, even if considered healthy, should be looked at from the perspective of your unique body and your personal needs.

Start Nourishing

Relax, take a breath… Now, consider this: what if everything you eat, do, and think in a day were nourishing and supportive to your system, your life, and your entire being? Imagine having your nervous system so relaxed that you never feel anxious, insecure, or inadequate.
That is what nourishment can provide for you. This is about looking at food and nourishment from a wide and holistic perspective. Starting to nourish is about stepping into a world of ease and happiness that comes from within.
As soon as you start nourishing your body and your life, you will feel fulfillment. Part of this is being present and conscious in all that you do, and part of it is choosing to only do things that bring joy to your cells. True nourishment goes beyond the body. By leading a nourishing life, you become aware of your body, and of all the sensations and emotions within it. I truly believe that this will make you feel intensely good, better than you have ever felt. And this, in turn, will ignite the desire in you to choose nourishment for your life.
Body, mind, and thoughts working together to make you feel radiant and joyful.

Anchoring through Embodiment

You came to Earth to have an extraordinary life; feeling just okay is playing it small. We have bodies to experience this magical Earth and a Soul within that body. Embodiment is anchoring your Soul in your body, making it possible to experience your life from different perspectives. You will create a bridge between your outer world and your inner world.

Stop Eating Start Nourishing is not a method meant to be understood only by the mind. It was created to merge the whole of you and offer a holistic approach to your health and life. All that you are is not only visible and not only fed by food. You are also nourished by emotions, birds singing, relationships, laughter, and so much more. Embodiment is the tool that lets you integrate these experiences and make them resonate in all 28 trillion cells of your body and be nourished.