Mentoring 1:1

The merging of your body, heart, thoughts and soul.

You are unique, and you need a distinctive set of resources to comprehend your body. What I am offering you is based on that knowledge. This mentoring program is based on the synergy of your body, heart, thoughts, and soul. These are all elements that make you who you are. When you choose to move towards radiant health, all these elements will be set in motion. Knowing how to navigate these elements and their interaction is part of the guidance I offer.


All women who enter my field will be brought into a world of nourishment. What is it you thrive on? What are the things that make you happy and give direction to your soul? This is much more than motivation. We will go on a journey of discovering what you truly need to feel nourished and radiant.


There are many reasons for the disconnection you experience from your body. Restoring this relationship is essential. Your body is the vessel with which you experience your life, and when this vessel becomes radiant and vital, your life experience will be so much more exciting.


Embodiment is the practice that will facilitate your connection to your body. I will guide you through various practices utilizing different methods. Together, we will determine which practices enable you to deeply connect with your body, allowing you to understand what will support her.


Embracing what you want instead of fighting against that which you do not want brings a completely different energy to what you are wanting to change. I will guide you towards understanding what your true desires are behind your wish for radiant health, which is essential for transformation.

You are done trying and want to thrive.

It is clear to you that you want to be supported.

You want a life filled with nourishment.

You sense something bigger than ‘just you’ is calling.

Is it the right
time for me?

You feel your body pulling towards more.

The time has come to treat yourself to the best life has to offer.

You are ready for your heart to take the lead.

You are being called towards personal radiance.

A personal note from Ghislaine

I never felt unique, especially not when I was looking for solutions to regain my health and lose weight. It was made quite clear to me that my body image problem was something quite common and did not need any special attention. I just needed to get over it and eat carrots. Well, let me tell you that the opposite is true.
With this mentoring program I offer you the opportunity to find your uniqueness, to learn hearing your hearts desires and understand how your pattern can support you.
I am looking forward to taking this journey together.