Welcome home

It is an absolute pleasure to welcome you to my website. I am Ghislaine Albina, and I have a big vision! I am creating a new paradigm where being healthy means being vibrant and fully in tune with your body’s needs. Feeling healthy does not mean conforming to a specific mold. This new paradigm is rooted in my personal trials and perseverance.


For many women, the story of their body already includes a long list of trials and errors. Ghislaine’s approach is an invitation to embark on an empowering adventure.


As you are a unique woman, all the programs that Ghislaine creates are adjustable to the milestones you want to reach. You will have a personal and unique experience.

Why Us

Radiant movement

Rest assured, you are not alone in resonating with the call to feel radiant and energized. The radiance movement is growing and Ghislaine’s method, Stop Eating, Start Nourishing is giving this movement a shape. Once you experience how nourishing yourself can transform your life, you’ll never look back as you will redefine who you are and how you feel.

Work with Ghislaine

Wheel of Radiant Health

Wheel of Radiant Health empowers women to achieve optimal health by aligning mind, body, and spirit. Personalized plans address unique needs, fostering long-lasting results. The program includes daily emails, video guidance, and support. Led by Ghislaine Albina, it focuses on unlocking inner potential, promoting holistic health, and creating a vibrant, energized lifestyle.

Retrace program

The Retrace program helps women understand and break free from limiting patterns and beliefs hindering their health goals. Based on Ghislaine Albina’s Stop Eating, Start Nourishing method, the program offers a deep dive into personal patterns, providing tailored sessions and support. It aims for lasting change by addressing body, mind, and emotions holistically.

Private mentoring

Private Mentoring 1-on-1″ helps women achieve radiant health by addressing the synergy of body, heart, mind, and soul. Ghislaine Albina offers personalized guidance to restore body connection, nourish the soul, and embrace true desires. This program focuses on unique, holistic approaches to health, promoting deep personal understanding and long-lasting transformation.