Ghislaine' s Mission

‘My mission is to empower women to take control of their health journey with confidence and autonomy.’
Ghislaine Albina

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Welcome home

It is an absolute pleasure to welcome you to my website. I am Ghislaine Albina, and I have a big vision! I am creating a new paradigm where being healthy means being vibrant and fully in tune with your body’s needs. Feeling healthy does not mean conforming to a specific mold. This new paradigm is rooted in my personal trials and perseverance.

Why Us

Radiant Tribe

Rest assured, you are not alone in resonating with the call to feel radiant and energized. The Radiant Tribe is growing, and like all great things, it cannot be contained! Many of you are drawn to this movement because of Ghislaine’s method: Stop Eating, Start Nourishing. Once you experience how nourishing yourself can transform your life, you’ll never look back.


For many women, the story of their body already includes a long list of trials and errors. Ghislaine’s approach is an invitation to embark on an empowering adventure.


As you are a unique woman, all the programs that Ghislaine creates are adjustable to the milestones you want to reach. You will have a personal and unique experience.