Ghislaine Albina

The Journey of my Healing extends beyond myself


Welcome! I’m Ghislaine, a spirited woman on a journey to live an extraordinary life. Leaving my native France at 19 for the Netherlands, I have been on a journey of acceptance towards my body. Struggling societal norms that I had learned to accept as truth, I embarked on destructive cycles of dieting and exercise, only to find myself more overweight and less connected to my body. It wasn’t until I learned to feel IN my body that I discovered true self-acceptance.
For many years my mind dictated what my body needed to do to feel good. But this was deeply disconnecting me from my body’s true needs. I found my healing in embodiement. Our bodies is a fantastic tool that makes it possible for us to have this Earth experience, start acknowledging her!

Join me as I share my transformative journey and empower others to break free from societal ideals and “Stop Eating, Start Nourishing.”.


My journey is a very classical one: young girl struggles with her body image, was bullied, develops an eating disorder, hates her body, believes the body image narrative of the 90’s, suffers depressions, goes to yoga, studies personal development books, and ends up weighing 134 kilos and feeling completely miserable.

And then frustrated and desperate by the fight I had been fighting and loosing for years I made a decision that was going to change my life.

I decided I was done fighting, I decided the rest of my life was not going to be the repeat version of the past and I decided that whatever needed healing, I would heal it, no matter what.

That was the moment I completely took ownership of my health and healing journey. I crafted my own program supported by divers mentors, healers, teachers and therapists. On this journey of becoming me I attuned to my body, to her personal needs and preferences. This attunement brought me to my gastric bypass in 2016 and after that I bounced from the one achievement to the other.

Today I am this woman: one with my body, respect for my body’s rhythm, I dare to face my challenges, I choose nourishment, sparkle in my eyes, joyful living and conscious creator of my life.

‘Sometimes when you’re in a dark place you think you’ve been buried, but you’ve actually been planted.’

Christine Caine

A gift of perseverance

"I've gleaned many lessons along my path, which I've transformed into teachings aimed at healing women worldwide."
Ghislaine Albina

Unlocking the codes

I have learned that my perseverance is a gift. A gift that brought healing to my body and my heart. I firmly believe that my journey of healing extends beyond myself; I uncovered the codes needed to attune to my body’s wisdom and create a long-lasting structure of Radiant Health.

You see, when you unlock codes within yourself, it is not only you who is given the opportunity to heal. These codes were unlocked by me to share with women who, like me, struggle and know there is more to it than dieting and working out.

I translated these codes into a simple method: ‘Stop Eating, Start Nourishing’, and then created different programs with which you can learn to unlock the codes for yourself.

It is my pleasure to walk this journey of Radiance with you and share my gift.

Through this page and my programs, I am sharing my heart. These are not just words sent into the world; they are the beginning of your journey to unlocking the codes that will shift your entire being and health.


With Love and Joy