Retrace Program

Healing Your Relationship to your Body

We all have stubborn beliefs and patterns that keep us imprisoned in unhealthy habits. Have you ever tried to change your ways, feeling highly motivated and immediately thriving, only to find yourself abandoning this newfound habit and diving back into your old patterns? Motivation and willpower are not always sufficient to help you break through in all things. This is exactly what the Retrace program was created for.

When Ghislaine chose to transform her personal learnings into teachings, she wanted to write a book and retrace her own journey towards radiance. While bringing this idea to one of her dear friends, she noted that this would be a perfect way of guiding women toward understanding the core patterns that prevent them from having the radiant and vibrant body they long for. Shortly after that, the Retrace program was born.

This program is based on Ghislaine’s method ‘Stop Eating, Start Nourishing’ and is designed to target one key pattern that prevents you from staying consistent with your health choices. The truth is, it is never only about willpower; it is also, and for Ghislaine mainly, about accessing the right blockages that will set you free and help you regain power over your own body and your own vitality.

This program is for you if you are ready to dive deep into understanding your patterns. It is important to know that stepping into this program will make you take full ownership of your health and set you up for long-term success. The only question is: are you ready for true radiance?

Backwards Journey

Retracing involves going back and following the path of patterns that keep pulling you down and preventing you from stepping up in your life. Imagine wanting to change your life and knowing that a morning meditation will support you. You have tried several times to develop this new habit, and you have sensed the benefits that meditating could bring you. You feel better, have a clearer mind, and start changing other small things. After a while, you just drop this new habit. Why? Because there is a deeply anchored belief that is holding you back.

Beliefs and Patterns

By delving into the patterns that hold you back, you can access the core beliefs formulated in your mind and anchored in your body. The outing of our limiting beliefs always involves action, but merely changing that action (or pattern) will not be sufficient. That is the reason why we fail at simply changing a bad habit. We address the action, but we do not delve into its origin. Beliefs and patterns are anchored in several layers: body, mind, heart, and emotions. They all need to be addressed.

Prep work

After signing up for the program, you will receive a list of questions designed to help you identify the essence of the patterns you want to retrace. They will also enable you to dive into the stories you’ve created around these patterns and actions. This will serve as a starting point to our session.

The session

During the session we will address the mind by diving into your answers. Then we will go into an embodiment practice that will connect you to your body. This practice will also bring up emotions which we than can explore. After the session you will have clarity and feel empowered.


After the session I will provide you with journaling props that will support you in further exploring your patterns and beliefs. The recording of our session will be made available for you so you can repeat the practice. I will also provide you with practical tips to change your behavior.

Radiant Health

How it works

✔️ Purchase program for €321.
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✔️ Within 24 hours, you will receive an email from Ghislaine with all the necessary information.
✔️ Schedule a session with Ghislaine.
✔️ After the session, as agreed with Ghislaine, you will receive the recording and journaling prompts.

Your host: Ghislaine Albina

Ghislaines life has been a journey from self-loathing to self-love. After battling body image issues, bullying, and eating disorders, she found herself depressed and weighed 134 kilos. Frustrated, she decided to change her life, committing to healing and self-care. This led to significant milestones. By attuning to her body’s needs and respecting its rhythms, she achieved a harmonious relationship with herself. Ghislaine now lives joyfully, facing new challenges with courage and choosing nourishment and embodiment.